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Highball whisky soda

Introducing Highball Whisky Soda

Bourbon Barrel-aged Canadian Whisky and soda water. It’s as simple as that.

whisky distillation

Whisky Soda Made By Distillers

Craft made in Delta BC by Goodridge&Williams Independent Craft Distillery, HIGHBALL whisky soda is a refreshing change from the usual. It’s simply whisky and soda. NO sugar, NO Carbs and NO Preservatives.

bartender preparing whisky soda

Highball: Big In Japan

The Hiball is a classic cocktail. It’s wildly popular in Japan’s intimate, unrushed bars. Japanese bartenders employ an expert command of techniques and absolute precision with respect for the art of the cocktail. Our HIGHBALL was inspired by the great Hiball culture of Japan.

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